Using the local buses

Getting around by buses is very convenient but may not be easy for non-Japanese speaking travelers since most of the information and announcements are usually in Japanese. The following steps described how one would use the bus in Kitakyushu:
1. Get on the bus from the rear door unless the rear door is not available.
2. Take a small rectangular ticket from a small ticket dispensing machine installed by the door and make sure to keep the ticket. The ticket should have a number printed on to indicate where you got on the bus.
3. An electric display boards can be found at the front of the bus, generally located in the top left hand side of the driver. To work out your fare, simple match the number on your ticket to the number on the display board. The LED displayed number is the fare you are required to pay.
4. The bus driver will announce the next stop. If your stop is announced, press a buzzer.
5. You need to have exact change ready. A change machine is available by the driver's seat if you do no have exact change.
6. The exact change and the ticket need to be put into the designated box by the driver as you get off.