At Honjo Real Estate company, are the apartment furnished?
Generally, the apartment comes unfurnished. If you plan to stay for less then a year, for an additional monthly fee, we are able to put in a washing machine and a refrigerator.
I have already decided the apartment, can I move in immediately?
It depends on the screening process, please be prepared to wait at least 3 working days. If you are urgently in need to have the room the very same day, please inform our staff before entering into the rental contract, we will try our best to meet your need.
Can I keep pets in my apartment?
Most of the properties that we managed do not allow pets but we do have few pet friendly apartments. Please let us know if you own a pet or intend to have a pet before visiting or entering into a contract for an apartment. Violation of the no-pet clause in the contract constitute for immediate termination of contract.
Do I need a guarantor?
If you are a foreign student, it is likely your school will be your guarantor. In the case that you do not have a guarantor, you can use the services of a guarantor company with an extra fee. Depending on your status the fee can range from 30% - 50% of the monthly rent for the first year and 10,000 yen annually there after.
How long is the lease period in generally?
In most cases you have the option of entering into either a ONE or TWO years contract. The contract is renewed automatically unless the the tenant submits a termination notice in writing or phone call. In some cases, the lease is set for a fixed period and cannot be renewed.If you wish to terminate your contract, you will be required to give the real estate manager an advance notice, generally one month prior to the move-out date.
If you are attending post-doctorate degree or is part of some academic research program with established institutions, our company is flexible with the contract period. Please contact us directly for information.
How do you set up the basic utilities like electricity, water and gas?
Setting electricity and water requires you to call in with your name, current address and the move-in date. For gas, you have to first determine which type of gas the apartment is using. There are 2 forms of residential gas used in Japan, propane gas and city gas. Make sure that your stove matches the type of gas used by the apartment. Then you are required to call the respective company to activate the gas service, you are required to be there in person when the gas is turned on.
How do we pay for the monthly rent?
You are required to pay the monthly rent in advance. For example, you enter a contract on October 1 and have paid the rent for October, so November's rent is due on October 25. (The date varies depending on the management company's accounting system)
The accepted payment methods and the due date will depend on the contract. Paying the rent to the management company directly and automatic bank withdrawal is the two most common methods used in our company. *** We do not accept credit card ***
How and when can I throw out the trash?
Please trash information please click here